Apple CEO Tim Cook Promotes The Apple Stores In An Uncanny Way

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“It’s like Prozac!” – Apple CEO, Tim Cook

Steve Jobs introduced the Apple Store in 2001. It was a revolutionary concept in computing where a brand actually took their complete line of computer products and built stores nationwide to service customers in unheard of ways. At a recent Goldman Sachs event, Tim Cook spoke a bit about the Apple Stores today and how his interest in them is far greater than just  the mere Apple products in them that they sell.

At the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference Tim opened up his conference talk with a little antidepressant humor. What does Tim do when he gets a bit down? He goes to visit an an Apple store. Why? Because it lifts him up. For Tim, the Apple Store is like “Prozac”. There are probably a number of reasons Time gets a virtual rush each time he steps into an Apple Store. Aside from knowing that everyone there is there to buy an Apple product, 9 times out of 10 he’ll probably be recognized as well. Healthy smiles from a number of people who are probably already fans that are ideally fond of your products is sure to lift anyone up for at least a moment or two. That’s not all though. Like Steve Jobs (in the video above), Tim actually gives a lot of credit to the Apple Store employees.

According to Tim, there’s no place better than the Apple Store to explore and learn about Apple products and he gave kind words to those that make it happen. Tim said, “Our team members there are the most amazing, awesome, incredible people on earth. It’s the best retail experience. It’s a retail experience where you walk in and you instantly realize this store is not here for the purpose of selling, it’s here for the purpose of serving.”

Nearly 75% of Apple’s workforce are employed in the Apple Stores. That means nearly 30,000 out of about the 40,000 or so people that work for Apple work in one of their international retail outlets.

The Apple Stores are an integral part to Apple’s success with approximately 120 million people visiting the Apple Store last year, according to Tim. If you compare that to the number of people that visit Disneyland each year (approx. 14-17 million) and you consider that at least 50% of the people that visit an Apple Store will probably purchase at least something in the store, you can see why Apple is doing so well. Especially since Apple is well known for making a hefty profit on each device they sell. Money which undoubtedly goes back into their customer accommodating, Apple Stores as well.

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