Apple Makes 3rd Proposal On Tablets For Turkish Schoolchildren

in Apple, Mobile, Operating Systems, Tablet | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 02.02.2013
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Apple wants Turkey’s to buy into a $4.5 billion tablet program for children, but is seems Turkey wants better treatment from Apple before any deals are made.

When it comes to growth economies, Turkey is 15th in the world with a real GDP growth rate of 8.5. Putting that in perspective with the rank and growth rate of another well-known country, America ranks 157th with a real GDP growth rate of 1.8. (ref). Turkey has become a strategic market for Apple and as a result, Apple is attempting to get the Turkish government to agree on what would be a $4.5 billion dollar tablet program for school-chidren. If Apple were to close the deal, it would provide Apple tablets (presumably iPads) for nearly 15 million children in Turkey.

No matter the industry; from construction to high tech, the government and educational sectors are two very large revenue generating sectors for big business corporations. For companies such as Apple and Microsoft getting one contract in either of those sectors can often times land them a contract worth that sells 100,000 units of a single device, or single piece of software. An article we ran called, “Spain Deploys 220,000 Ubuntu Desktops In More Than 2,000 Schools, Servicing 600,000 Students” is a good example of just how large a single deal in the educational sector can be for a high tech company, and Apple has a similar goal in mind with Turkey.

This isn’t the first meeting that Apple has had with Turkish government regarding the tablet program proposition. One source claims that Apple has been trying to get Turkey to adopt this idea for 2 years now, but it seems as thought the Turkish government has some gripes with Apple. A primary one being that Apple hasn’t seemed to provide Turkey with the same due respect it gives other nations. President Abdullah Gül is reported as feeling that the delay between the time Apple creates a product and the time it reaches Turkish shores makes it appear Apple is giving Turkey “second class” treatment. The report also says that, “Gül asked the Apple officials to give up this practice, to which Couch said he would convey Gül’s message to Apple CEO Tim Cook.”

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