What’s Next For Apple in 2013 And Beyond: iOS 7, Retina Display Mac Airbook & Inexpensive iPhones

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A concept for the future iOS 7 by Arthur Reis

Gene Munster and Doug Clinton are top analyst at Piper Jaffray, a full-service investment bank and asset management firm. Recently Gene delivered a report they constructed at the Business Insider’s Ignition Conference. Their report on “What’s Next For Apple” was delivered by Gene and some very interesting information was provided, in addition to their analysis on the future of Apple.

Munster believes that the future of Apple primarily relies on hardware, and now that John Ive has been installed to Apple HI, “Apple is in good hands”. If you’re unfamiliar with Ive then a bit of information may help to understand why Munster and Clinton’s are optimistic over Ive’s recent promotion at Apple.

John Ive was brought into Apple in 1992 as a consultant and later hired as an employee. He was responsible for the 2nd generation Newton, as well as the MessagePad110. After Steve Jobs came back to Apple, Ive was promoted to Senior Vice President of Industrial Design. His first project? The iMac. Which of course helped make the way iPod and iPhone designs. Time will only tell whether or not Ive can change the somewhat disastrous course Apple has been on recently.

According to Munster’s report, there will probably be some iOS7 demos in Q2 of 2013, and this should be the first time we see what Ive may be trying to pull off.

The future iOS 7 may feature:

* An Enhanced Wallet / Passbook
* Commerce Integration
* And Apple Maps Improvements

Apple will probably soon release a streaming radio service in Q1 of 2013 and you can also be on the lookout for a Retina Display Mac Airbook.

What report would be complete without an Android / iPhone reference and surely Munster and Clinton have included their current analysis of the matter. One obvious point that was made with regard to the mobile battle between the two was that the “iPhone is losing the market share battle”. However, Gene and Doug don’t believe that has to be the case, just as we don’t either. They believe that Eventually, Apple will have to make a cheaper iPhone to snap up even more market share.” We recently ran report that concurs with their conclusion.

One of his other claims regarding the iPhone and Android battle is somewhat amazing when we just stop to consider the reality of it. Munster compared Android to being “Windows-like” in its market share dominance. Reminisent of a time when Microsoft ruled the world. Now it seems to be Android’s moment at world dominance. It has captured nearly 75% of the current global market of smart-phone users. While iOS has a mere 15%.

The Piper Jaffray analyst team also believes, as we do again, that Apple has the need for an Apple sub-$200 iPhone. Gene and Doug though assess the outcome of such a development and believe that by creating such an iPhone priced below $200, Apple can gain a 30% global market share by 2015.

You can find the complete report for “What’s Next For Apple” here.

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