The Aakash 2: “Made In India”, No Less than “Made In America”

in Mobile | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 01.12.2012
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The New York Times has received 108 Pulitzer Prizes and is regarded by many as a trustworthy news source. Over the years though, they’ve certainly had their share of internal issues as well as their journalism credibility questioned. Recently the NY Times published bit more journalistic work that may be a bit more of unfair press than anything else, in a blog-article entitled, “India’s ‘Aakash,’ Now Made in China. A report that seems to be developed more so to taint the achievements of the latest Aakash tablet, than give it more of the accolades that many think it actually deserves.

Aakash Overview:The Aakash tabletcosts a mere $42, and that’s paying full price. Indian students can look forward to getting an amazing 50% discount on even that (as a government subsidized program). It’s an Android 2.3-based tablet that comes with a 7-inch display capable of supporting HD video. It has a couple of USB ports, an ARM 11 processor and 256 MB RAM.

The Aakash is “Made in India” but the NY Times seems to refute that claim, but as we said, more so in ways that can leave many to question their actual motives behind even providing coverage on the tablet.

The NY Times report began by saying, “The launch of India’s low-priced tablet computer, Aakash, was praised by the government as a “milestone in history,” to be “recognized by future generations,” in part because of its “Made in India” label. But some of the most updated versions of the tablet, Aakash-2, which was unveiled Nov.11 by President Pranab Mukherjee of India, have been designed and manufactured in China, according to officials at Chinese companies and documents reviewed by India Ink.

In the beginning of the new clip above (time 0:26),Suneet Singh Tuli confirmed that the touch screen of the tablet, the software, mechanical parts and the motherboard are all made by Datawind

Such matters over the origin of parts inserted into the Aakash tablets, rather than their quality or even their amazingly low cost, seem to be more a deterrent to the recognition of their success. Looking at this accusation from another perspective, there are practically no American automobiles solely made in America. Yet no one calls them anything but “American” automobiles. By current manufacturing standards, that should no less qualify the “Aakash” for a “Made in India” label, even as a Taiwanese “Ford” gets a “Made in Americaone.

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