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Generic And Brand Name PC Sales Fall Greater Than Analysis Expected In Q1 2013

on Microsoft, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows 8, Operating Systems | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 12.04.2013

“At this point, unfortunately, it seems clear that the Windows 8 launch not only failed to provide a positive boost to the PC market, but appears to have slowed the market” - IDC , VP,…

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Google May Be Innocent Of Antitrust Practices But The IRS Nonchalantly Admits They May Be Guilty Of Reading Your Email, Even Without Probable Cause

on Google | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 12.04.2013

The world seems to have turned into a George Orwell novel, “1984″. Even democratic America (the most ‘self-professed’ free nation in all the world) acts in ways no different than the most fascist countries. Big Brother…

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The Yahoo Phone: Not Quite But Yahoo Wants Apple To Give It Some Hefty iOS Support

on Apple, iPad, iPhone, Mobile, Yahoo | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 11.04.2013

HTC recently supported Facebook so much that they created a phone that includes Facebook Home as the default interface. Yahoo is sort of looking for similar support from Apple on their iPhone and iPad…

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Google’s Impact Award: Goes Toward Human Anti-Trafficking

on Google | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 11.04.2013

Google helps fund a multi-organizational effort to try and stop the kidnapping and selling of humans into modern day slavery & sex-trade Google is best known for search. Of course they also do literally hundreds of…

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GM Restores Friendship With Facebook Advertising This Time It’s Mobile Only Though

on Facebook, Social | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 10.04.2013

GM returns to Facebook after the 2012 advertising departure. Back in December of last year, in an article entitled “Social Networking Use Increases But Some Major Advertisers No Longer See Paid Advertising As A…

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