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Ubuntu 12.04.1LTS Point Release: Do You Need It?

on Linux, Ubuntu | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 30.08.2012

  “This point release has numerous updates integrated, and updated installation media has been provided so that fewer updates will need to be downloaded after installation. These include security updates and corrections for other…

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Windows Phone Soon to Reach Third Spot in the US

on Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Microsoft, Mobile, Windows Mobile | by Saroj | 0 30.08.2012

The number of Windows Phone handsets sold in the US is increasing while Blackberry continues the losing streak, allowing the Microsoft mobile OS exceeded that of RIM in the coming months according to the…

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Apple Offers iPhone Recycling to Edge Environmental Footprint

on Apple, Mac OS, Mobile, multimedia | by Dante | 0 30.08.2012

  Apple is offering kickbacks to iPhone owners in the form of a recycling program, in part, to edge its environmental footprint. The co. has introduced its recycling plan for the Apple community separate…

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Sony Takes Google TV to Germany

on Android, Google, Music Streaming | by Saroj | 0 29.08.2012

More and more users go with the TV on the net and where there is always someone online, Google don’t want to miss the action. Therefore, the search engine giant has developed Google TV…

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Dropbox Improves Its Accounts with Two-Step Protection

on Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mobile, security | by Dante | 0 29.08.2012

    Dropbox, an archival platform for Web data and files, has increased its protection for its user accounts. The Web site provides uploads and downloads of user files by remote accessibility. Dropbox members…

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