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Olympic Journalist Sanctioned for Suspension by Twitter for Releasing NBC Internet Mail

on multimedia, Social | by Dante | 0 31.07.2012

Journalist of Great Britain, Guy Adams has been suspended by social network company Twitter for releasing the Internet mail address of an NBC network president. Twitter has posited the act was a violation of…

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Apple Investing in Twitter?

on Apple, Facebook, Mobile, Twitter | by Phillip | 0 30.07.2012

Numerous sources over the last few days including Forbes, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal have all drawn attention to discussions that are rumored to have taken place between Apple and…

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London Olympic in the Era of Social Media

on Facebook, Google+, linkedin, Skype, Social, Twitter | by Saroj | 0 30.07.2012

Faster, higher, stronger … and more social! The 2012 edition of the Olympic Games will never as great allies to social networks that no one should miss the details of events, latest news, instant…

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Mobile Effect: Consumer Electronics Sales to Reach Record $206 Billion

on Android, Apple, iOS, Mobile, Tablet | by Saroj | 0 30.07.2012

Annual U.S. consumer electronics sales will exceed the $200 billion mark for the first time this year, according to the semi-annual industry forecast released by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). The overall consumer electronics…

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NBC Stuns American 2012 Summer Olympics London Audiences – Where’s the Content?

on multimedia, Social | by Dante | 0 29.07.2012

The XXX Summer Olympics enthralled London, United Kingdom, July 27th 2012 with historic regale with media and streaming combing “instant” viewing in scheduled events. Yet American audiences were piqued less and some stunned finding…

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