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Google Takes on Apple, Microsoft at I/O: Siri Clone, Nexus Tablet, Nexus Q, Chrome, Google Cloud

on Android, Google, Google+, Mobile, Operating Systems, Social | by Saroj | 0 30.06.2012

Recently, before the start of the Google I/O annual conference, we have covered just about every expectation and speculation we had for the big event. Indeed, Google had a lot of riding on Google…

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LinkedIn Social Media Nixed by Partner Twitter

on linkedin, Social, Twitter, virus | by Dante | 0 30.06.2012

LinkedIn announced Twitter has dissolved its partnership with the company, word given from the media network Friday. The business and social media network stated from its blog June 29 its relationship with social media…

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Kinect for Entrepreneurs

on Kinect, Microsoft Windows, xbox | by Phillip | 0 30.06.2012

When KINECT was released for the XBox 360 in 2010, it was intended to be the hardware & software combination that would steal the thunder away from Nintendo’s Wii wireless remote and add a…

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Google+ App Android Tablets, iPad at Google I/O 12

on Android, Apple, Google+, Mobile, multimedia, Social | by Dante | 0 29.06.2012

Thursday, as federal powers promulgated forward with a taxation platform for uniform healthcare, company Google pressed to higher social media ranks with induction of its Google+ Tablet and the tablet’s unique app addition. Google…

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Google Simulates The Human Brain

on engineering, Google | by Phillip | 0 27.06.2012

Something very special and highly significant has happened at Google. This something special has nothing to do with tablets, mobiles, or social networking, but is potentially more significant than all of these technologies combined….

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