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“Thunderclap” Stirs up Crowdsourcing with ‘Crowdspeaking’ Tweets

on Social, Twitter | by Dante | 0 31.05.2012

Crowdsourcing stirs up the Twitterverse with the arrival of a new social media communiqué, “Thunderclap.” Harnessing the energy of crowdsourcing to generate conversation around timely memes, Thunderclap serves to mobilize collectives into a common…

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Samsung Reinvents Cloud Media Services with Music Hub Launch

on Mobile, Music Streaming | by Saroj | 0 31.05.2012

When one sells smartphones or tablets embarking exactly the same mobile platform than its competitors, it is obviously important to do everything to stand out from the crowd. With its huge user base of…

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The Facebook SmartPhone

on Facebook, Mobile | by Phillip | 0 29.05.2012

Barely a week after a disappointing Initial Public Offering of the company, Facebook is rumored to be exploring getting into the mobile phone business…again. Should we be surprised? Or maybe concerned? The New York…

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All Things Digital 2012 Headlines Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, Tim Cook, Apple CEO

on Apple, Social, Twitter | by Dante | 0 29.05.2012

    Successor to the preeminent Apple throne, CEO Tim Cook headlines center at stage at the 2012 All Things Digital Conference. All Things D ushers in year 10 spotlighting a prescient queue of…

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Yahoo! Tumbles CEO Crumbles Tablet Livestand

on Mobile, Search Engines | by Dante | 0 27.05.2012

  Digital publishing crumbled tablet magazine Livestand after its leonine debut six months ago by content curator Yahoo!. The announcement rang May 24, nearly 13 weeks after the software’s introduction, following Yahoo’s plan to…

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